Marine National Park - Pirotan

Marine National Park and Sanctuary Pirotan is located in the inter-tidal zone along the coastal area of Jamnagar. The Marine Sanctuary was declared in August 1980 and the Marine National Park in July 1982. Total 10.ll.sq. km of the National Park area and 1.11 sq. km of the Sanctuary area have been notified as reserved forests.

Pirotan island is 18 NM from Bedi port, can be reached through boat.

October to March is the fair period to visit the Sanctuary.

The PA has a great diversity of habitats. The mangroves, coral reefs, degraded reefs, inter-tidal mudflats (lower and higher), creeks, estuaries, sandy strands, saline grassland, marshy areas and rocky islands represent the diversity that harbour a great variety of sea life. The life system here is intricately woven. The diversity of life creates a scene straight from any one’s dreams. The colourful sponges and corals, giant sea anemone, tube anemone, jelly fish, sea horse, octopus, oyster, pearl oyster, sabela, Portugese man of war, starfish, bonellia, sepia, lobster, varieties of crabs and prawns, sea turtle, dolphin, dugongs, porpoise, shark and other fish keep the life pulsating in perfect harmony.

Photo Gallery

  • Sea Hare
  • Tube Anemone
  • Giant Carpet Anemone
  • Cauliflower Coral Dendronephthya sp.
  • Soft Coral

How to Reach:

By Air

Jamnagar is nearest airport from Bedi Port and distance from airport is 10 KM.

By Train

Jamnagar is nearest railway station from Bedi Port and distance from station is 2 KM.

By Road

Jamnagar State Transport Bus stand is nearest bus-stop from Bedi Port and distance from bus-stop is 6 KM.